Prior to attempting a password reset...

  • Remember - your Canvas Username is not your email address.  Make sure that is being entered correctly.
  • It's sometimes easier to perform this on a computer as opposed to an iPad and its touch keyboard.  Consider that option if you've had trouble during a previous reset attempt.


    (Click the image thumbnails for a larger view)

Step 1:  Go to

  • Once there, click the Forgot Password? link
  canvas pw1 min

Step 2:  Enter your Canvas Username to submit a reset password request (note - it's not your e-mail address).

Then select Reset Password.  A link will be sent to your LFA e-mail account.

  canvas pw2 min

Step 3:  Once the reset password email message is received, click on the link to set a new password.    canvas pw4 min

Step 4:  You'll be directed to a reset password screen.  Type in the password you want.

Once complete, select Update Password

   canvas pw5 min

Step 5:  Log into Canvas using your Canvas username and the new password.    canvas pw1 min