You'll need to have your iPad handy and have downloaded Google's Authenticator app prior to or during this walkthru.  If you want multiple devices to handle 2FA duties, have those ready also.  If you need app suggestions, Check out our recommendations.

Although these instructions below cover setup on an iPad, they'll translate easy enough to most other 2FA apps available.


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(Continuing from Part 1)
Step 5 (Computer)

Continuing where you left off in Part 1, note the "Authenticator app" option.  You may need to scroll down to see it.

Select Setup

  2fa 6 min 

Step 6 (Computer)

Choose what devices applies.

If activating 2FA on a non-listed device, choose the iPhone option.

Click Next

  2fa 7 min

Step 7 (Computer + iPad)

A QR code should now appear.  Move to your iPad and launch the Google Authenticator app.

Note - this is the only time this QR code is available.  If you want to authorize multiple devices, this is the time to do it.  Selecting Cancel will change this codes and devices will have to be rescanned.
   2fa 8 min

Step 8 (iPad)

After launching the Google Authenticator App, select Begin Setup.

   2fa ip1 min

Step 9 (iPad):

Choose Scan Barcode.

   2fa ip2 min

Step 10 (iPad): Select OK

Select OK to allow Authenticator access to your iPad camera

  2fa ip3 min

Step 11 (iPad):  Scan QR code

Use your iPad camera to scan the QR code.  Once registered, a six-digit code should appear on the iPad

  2fa ip4 min

Step 11a (optional, Computer + iDevices): Setup multiple devices

Repeat this QR scan process with any other iDevices you have handy.  If your 2FA device is unable to scan a QR code, select the Can't Scan It? link to view the long-form code.

Notes - this is the only time this long-form code is available.  Selecting Cancel will change the code and all devices will need to be rescanned.

   2fa 8 min  2fa 9 min

Step 12 (Computer + iPad): Enter Code

Enter the six-digit code from the iPad.  Note that the code is on a timer.  If you see it blink red, wait until the next code appears

  2fa 10 min

Step 13 (Computer): Complete

You've now activated Google Authenticator for use. 

Select Done.

  2fa 11 min