This process tends to be easier when performed on an actual computer with a full keyboard.  You'll also need access to a phone, be it mobile or landline, to verify you're the owner of the account.


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Step 1: Login

Go to  If asked to sign into your Google account, please do so.

  2fa 1 min  2fa 2 min

Step 2: Enter phone number

Enter a phone number that google can text (or call) to verify the account.

Then select Try It

  2fa 3 min

Step 3: Wait for text / call

Depending on the choice, Google will send a text message or call the number you gave, and provide you a six-digit code.

Enter that code and select Next

  2fa 4 min

Step 4: Enter code

If the code you entered is correct, the next screen will appear.

Choose Turn On

  2fa 5 min

For people who have chosen 2FA via text messaging and don't mind that method of notification, this could conclude your setup.  However, using a 2FA app on a smartphone, iPad, PC, or Mac is preferable for the following scenarios.

  • For an LFA Student who only had access to an iPad
  • A person wants to use multiple devices for 2FA - in case one is lost or not convenient.
  • Someone who doesn't have regular access to a cell phone.
  • A preference to not receive text messages.

If a 2FA App is the desired outcome, then continue on to part 2.