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With today's evolution of classroom technology, having a central resource for student and teacher collaboration is more important than ever.  LFA uses Canvas - a Learning Management Systems (LMS) designed to assist in these efforts.  Below are links to help students prepare to use Canvas on a day-to-day basis.

Getting to Canvas (Login required)


CInst minLogging into Canvas for the first time / password reset

Below are walkthrus to common questions we receive about Canvas throughout the school term.


CVideo minIntroduction Videos and Materials

Looking to get a better understanding of what you'll be working with?  Check out two introductory videos and a more comprehensive student guide.

  • Video #1:  Canvas Overview:  7:42 minutes.  Covers general usage and features of Canvas.
  • Video #2:  Canvas App for iPad:  5:35 minutes.  Demos the use of the Canvas's iPad app.
  • Website:  Canvas Student Getting Started Guide:  For those interested in more specifics, this web page provides details on topics like using the Dashboard, viewing classes, and how to set notifications.