This walk-thru contains two different processes - setting up an app-specific password on a Google account with 2FA activated and configuring iPad mail to use that password.  You'll want to have access to both a computer and your iDevice in order to complete the steps.

The E-mail addresses will vary depending on your group...

  • Faculty and Staff  =
  • Students  =
  • Alumni  =


On a computer... (click the thumbnails to enlarge)

1) - Goto / login to  Scroll down until you see the App Passwords option.  Select it to get to the main setup screen.    AppPass1  AppPass2

2) - Select the app and device you want to create a password for.  In this case, its Mail on an iPad.    AppPass3  AppPass4

3) - Once complete, click Generate.    AppPass5

4) - You should now see your one-time password that was assigned.  Keep this screen open - as you'll need it for the steps to be performed on your iPad.  That and you can't get it back once closed and will have to repeat the steps.    AppPass6



 On your iPad

5) - Go to Settings on you iPads and scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars.  Once Selected, choose Add Account in the upper right-hand corner of the split screen.   ipsettings   AppPassIP1

6) - Choose Exchange as the account type (not Google)    AppPassIP2

7) - General Account Setup Screen

  • Email = Your LFA email address
  • Password = The one-time password you just generated
  • Description (optional) = Choose something distinctive that describes the type of account

8) - Advanced Account Setup Screen

  • Email = (Should be populated, leave as is)
  • Server =
  • Domain = (Leave blank)
  • Username = enter your LFA e-mail address
  • Password = (Should be populated, leave as is)

Click Next


9) - Leave all options selected and click Save    AppPassIP5


If all has been entered correctly, LFA email should begin to sync on your iPad email.  Do not close out of the one-time password until you've verified it's working correctly.