Note - if importing contents into an existing calendar, skip steps two and three.


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Step 1:  Open / Download spreadsheet

Open the desired spreadsheet calendar from the Google Sheets links and download a .csv copy of it to your computer.

Click File -> Download As -> Comma Separated Values (current sheet)

  cal1 min

Step 2: Create New Calendar

From Google Calendar, click the down arrow next to My Calendars and select Create new calendar.

  cal2 min

Step 3: Name New Calendar

Give the calendar a name and select Create Calendar.

  cal3 min

Step 4: Go to Import Calendar screen

Select the down arrow next to Other calendars and choose Import calendar.

  cal4 min

Step 5: Import Calendar

File: Choose the .csv file saved in Step 1

Calendar: Choose a calendar from the drop down

Click the Import button: It may take a little while depending on how may items are being imported.  The screen may appear to freeze.

  cal5 min

Step 6: Processing

Pop-up screen will appear when the process is complete.

Click Close

   cal6 min

Step 7:  Complete

Spreadsheet calendar data has been imported.

   cal7 min