Part 1: Back Notability notes to Apple iCloud

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Step 1: Go to Notability settings

Launch the Notability App and select the "cog-looking" icon in the lower left-hand corner

  Notea gd1 min

Step 2: Turn on iCloud backup

Select the iCloud tab on the left and turn on the iCould backup

*** App assumes you've already set up an iTunes /  iCloud account.  through Apple

  Notea ic2 min

Step 3: Complete

Depending on how many notes you have, It may take a while for the backup to complete

  Notea ic3 min


The LFA IT Department has seen glitch incidents where iCloud backups haven't run or restores haven't worked properly.  This is why we recommend a secondary backup using your Google Apps Students account.  Continue below for those instructions.


Part 2: Backup Notability notes to Google Drive.


Step 4:

Select the Manage Accounts tab on the left.  Then select the Log In tab for Google Drive

  Notea gd1 min

Step 5:

Sign in with your LFA e-mail address


   Notea gd2 min

 Step 6

Enter you password

   Notea gd3 min

Step 7

If two-factor is activated on you account, you will see this screen.  Get the six-digit code from you 2FA device.

Make sure the Remember this computer for 30 days box is checked

   Notea gd4 min

 Step 8

Select Allow to give Notability access rights to run a backup using Google Drive


   Notea gd5 min

You've now established a link between Notability and Google Drtive.  Not it time to activate the backup

Select the dark gray Auto-Backup tab

   Notea gd6 min
Select the blu cog on google drive    Notea gd7 min

 You'll want to change the default format from PDF into Notabilty's standard

Selsct the righ arrow by PDF to make that chage

   Notea gd8 min
 Select Note as the sync format    

 You're done - select the settings arrow to go back.  sync time will dep3end on how many note you have


   Notea gd9 min