compa cs minWhy doesn't IT stock these items?

We used to.  But maintaining supply with an increasing amount of gadgets became a challenge.  And, with no mechanism to track inventory, we found ourselves short-handed more times than not.

To solve the problem, we teamed up with the Campus Store and LFA's Director of Purchasing - Tom Wenman.  With Tom having an established inventory process and regular order cycles, he's able to manage stock better than we ever could.  If certain items become more (or less) popular, IT works with Tom to make the proper adjustments. 

So, head to the Campus Store for all of your computing accessory needs.  If the usage case is LFA related and separate from non-computing purchases, staff can charge accessories to Department 413.  If you have questions on what components you might need, stop by the IT office - we're happy to assist.

Accessories - click the thumbnails to enlarge images

Apple iPad

Light2vga min   Apple Lightning to VGA Adapter

Connects iPads to classroom projectors - video only
Part#  MD825AM/A
Campus Store # 738435982300

altusb min   Lightning to USB Cable
Connects an iPad to a power charger or computer
Part#  MD818AM/A
Campus Store # 888462322980
al 2 hdmi min  

Apple Lightning to HDMI Adapter
Connects iPads to HDMI enabled LFA classroom projector or TV's - audio and video 
Part# MD826AM/A
Campus Store # 888462323062

a12pa min   Apple 12W USB Power Adapter
Charger for iPad
Part#  MD836LL/A
Campus Store # 885909629022


Apple Macintosh Accessories

dp2vga min   Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to VGA Adapter
Connects MacBook Airs to classroom projectors - video only
Part#  MB572Z/B
Campus Store # 841710118554
tb 2 hdmi min   Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI adapter
Connects MacBook Airs to newer classroom projectors - Audio and video
Part # L51G
Campus Store # 848719055641


General items

hdmi min   HDMI cable
For connecting DVD players and compatible computer equipment to TV's
Part#  HL-007318
Campus Store # CS1902
 Samsung218g min  

Samsung Portable DVD Player
Works with all Apple and Lenovo computers
Part# SE-208GB/RSBD
Campus Store # 887276040400



LFA Classroom / Apple TV accessories

atvrem min   Apple TV Remote
Remote Control for Apple TV
Part#  MM4T2AM/A
Campus Store # 888462822916
epsonr min   Epson Universal Projector Remote
Works will all LFA Epson Classroom Projectors
Part#  B00MB9256A
Campus Store # CS1753


Lenovo Laptops

hdmivga min   HDMI to VGA Adapter
Connects Lenovo E460 and 2016 Yoga laptops to classroom projectors - video
Part#  KLUIO01
Campus Store # B007PLL4CK
Mhdmi vga min   Mini HDMI to VGA Adapter
Connects pre-2016 Yoga laptops to classroom projectors - video
Part#  B00879ELGA
Campus Store # 738435982300


PC, and general computer accessories

dp vga min  

DisplayPort to VGA Adapter
For connecting Lenovo ThinkCentre PCs to older LCD video monitors - video
Campus Store # 844660127437

dp hdmi min   DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter
Connected Lenovo ThinkCentre PC's to HDTV's and newer projectors - video
Part#  BC68959
Campus Store # CS1901