stuemail minIn order to protect our network and systems, student e-mail accounts are deactivated on January 31 following the year of graduation.  However, It is the philosophy of LFA to offer students a free e-mail account beyond their scholastic tenure - if they so choose.  Below is a Q&A summary on the deactivation process and how an alumni e-mail account can be obtained.

  • How long will my e-mail account remain active? - Until January 31st of the year following graduation  (Example - 2019 for a 2018 graduate).  Alumni still using accounts will receive cancellation reminders (through their @students accounts) at regular intervals leading up to the expiration date.
  • What happens after January 31st? - We will suspend (not delete) all non-active student accounts with the intent of ensuring that nobody slips through the cracks.  Account removals won't happen until summer.
  • Can my e-mails get forwarded to another service?  Yes, until January 31st of the year following graduation.  Instructions on how to do that can be found here.
  • Can I get copies of old emails and documents?  Yes - log into Google Takeout using your @students login to download old data.

The IT Department is happy to answer more detailed questions.  Please feel free to reach out to our support staff if the need arises.

Thank you.